Quality Policy

The Managing Director have initiated and communicated the Quality Policy throughout the organization and made it available to relevant interested parties as appropriate. The Quality Policy is appropriate to the purpose and context of the company and supports its strategic direction. It provides the framework for setting quality objectives, satisfying applicable requirements and supports the Company’s commitment for continual improvement of the QMS.

3C Quality Policy and Mission Statement “to be a world-class Consulting, Vetting, Audit and Assessment service provider (onboard vessels and ashore) and to achieve success through a shared commitment to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations through teamwork, continuous improvement, and innovation. To achieve our mission, it is essential that we focus on quality in everything we do throughout our organization”.

In achieving this, the Company has developed a no blame culture for reporting of accidents, incidents and near misses with the aim that all incidents shall be freely reported without repercussion. Furthermore, all reports are assessed following an unbiased process to ensure that any lessons learnt are shared with our Customers and fed back into the system for improvement.

Our Company goals are simply stated with the target towards No accidents, No incidents, and No negative feedback from our customers or employees.


The Company aims to remain a Quality Service Provider by:

  • Developing and Implementing Controlled Processes
  • Complying with the Requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and SIRE Inspector Company Self-Assessment requirements as well as continually improving its Management System,
  • Establishing and communicating measurable & consistent Objectives and performance Targets to Company’s employees,
  • Complying with applicable Statutory Requirements, International Legislation related to the Services provided
  • Complying with current Health & Safety Legislation
  • Conducts its service to reach the quality objectives established and reviewed on an annual basis.
  • Developing Employee Skills and increasing their contribution through effective Training
  • Offering professional consulting for our Customers, tailored to their needs.
  • Strictly comply with the Ethics /Compliance Management System
  • Acting in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • Support our business processes through state-of-the-art adaptation.
  • Constantly adapt to technological development in our fields of work.
  • Stay an attractive employer.
  • Cooperation with business partners based on mutual trust.
  • Select staff and subcontractors based on our values.