Environmental policy

The Company is committed to continual efforts to improve environmental performance in all areas throughout its operations and towards a cleaner marine environment. Furthermore, the Company is committed:

  • To share information on environmental performance.

For achieving this goal, the Company:

  • Complies with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and requirements and applies responsible standards where laws, regulations and requirements do not exist.
  • Shows concern and respect for the environment, emphasizes every employee’s responsibility in environmental performance and fosters appropriate operating practices and training.
  • Undertakes appropriate reviews and evaluations of its operations to measure progress and to foster compliance with this policy.
  • Conducts and supports research to improve understanding of the impact of its business on the environment, to improve methods of environmental protection and to enhance its capability to make operations compatible with the environment.
  • Designs, operates, and maintains facilities to this end.
  • ADOPT a proactive and global stance to help improve the environment.
  • WASTE REDUCTION AND RECYCLING Helping to preserve the environment by using the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling.


The Environmental policy has the full support of Management and applies to all employees of the Company.